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Patient Comments

I approached Isobel for Bowen hoping it might treat a light but recurring injury that had prevented me from training for the London Marathon. We were now only a few weeks away. I had written off my chances of making it 26 miles when even a reasonably gentle 5 miles would leave me feeling sore and waiting a week or two to recover. It had been this way for over 9 months. To be honest, I was just curious about trying Bowen, having heard such good things about it.

The treatments seem highly innocuous, but I could sometimes sense something strange happening in my body nevertheless. We managed three treatments before the marathon. I decided I'd just give myself the experience of being part of this huge international event, and have as much fun as possible in the process. What unfolded was amazing. I kept going and going, loving every minute of the race, and getting faster and faster as I realised how well my body was handling it. I cannot fully express my gratitude to Isobel for making that all possible. Having seen what she and Bowen can do, I am now exploring how to release all the other long held tensions in my body: jaw, shoulders, pelvis etc. The results are incredible and exciting.

Simon. May 2015

I suffer from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Postural orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. I first met Isobel in May 2014 and after one session my back pain, which I suffered from since I was 9 years old, went away. The coldness in my feet also eased, I started getting more mobility back and I had more energy meaning I could go to school for longer. Now, after 8 months of treatment, the list of benefits I've received has been endless. I've returned to full time school, my concentration has improved and I feel much better and happier. I would highly recommend Bowen Therapy with Isobel.

Florence, 13

I'd been suffering with really bad eczema on my face and neck for a few years and hoped that Bowen would help my body heal itself. The sessions with Isobel have exceeded my expectations, not only has the eczema almost disappeared (I also went to see an Ayurvedic practitioner alongside the Bowen sessions) but the sessions created a dynamic shift in my relationship with myself and others around me. I was in a draining and confusing relationship, suffering from bouts of anxiety and just a bit lost in life.

Isobel is such an approachable, caring and patient person that talking to her was easy and very therapeutic. The sessions helped me find the strength and resilience to move on from a failing relationship, stand up for myself at work and feel hopeful and excited about my future. Thank you Isobel, I couldn't have got to this point without you.

Barbara, London

After a couple of visits to Isobel I felt much less stressed and the back ache had gone. And, I found that even when there was a lot of stress at work it didn't affect me as badly.

Molly, London

When, I first came to Isobel over a year ago I thought the best I could hope for was to be kept mobile. My right leg barely reached the ankle of my left leg and certainly would take no weight. It was so withered that at several places from thigh to calf there was a 2inch or 2 and quarter inch difference in circumference or 'plumpness'.

Now, the legs are the same length and the size difference is between reduced to between 1and half inches to one quarter inch measured at the same places down the leg! Plus the leg is slowly becoming able to bear more and more weight!

It was exceedingly painful for me to turn my legs in bed at night - so much so that I would be awoken from sleep. During the day rising from a seated position to standing was also very uncomfortable.

Happily, I am no longer woken by the pain of turning in the night, truly the pain no longer exists. Needless to say I am delighted too that I can now readily rise and stand on both feet at the same time without the agony of waiting for the right leg to hang in a more comfortable way!

Isobel has always been so encouraging and patient. At first the progress was very slow. Then, suddenly a sweeping corner was turned. Over recent weeks I have become so much more stable and upright. I now lean slightly but no long list like a beached boat. Being able to take 'baby steps' without my stick is incredibly heartening.

Sharon, London

"I am very happy with my Bowen treatment - Isobel is a very considerate & professional practitioner & inspires confidence.

The results can be felt immediately after each session - very impressive.

I have had work done on my knee recently with great success and prior to that had treatment by Isobel 8 years ago on both knees, together with a general body rebalancing, that was also successful."

Jenny Milton, London

"I am a 59 old woman who suffers from Fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. I came to see Isobel Knight a couple of years ago and did a couple of sessions for about 2 months, the results were very good. I notice an improvement on my balance, coordination got better and more important my fibromyalgia became more bearable. I strongly recommend the Bowen method. You will notice an instant improvement on your health."

Merces Castro

"I have had several Bowen treatments from Isobel, and they have helped to get rid of my hip pain completely. I am hypermobile in my hips and due to incorrect Latin dance teaching technique, I suffered from severe hip pain and stiffness.".

Lily, London

"After my Bowen treatment I was relaxed beyond the level of relaxation you get simply from lying down, which often makes me feel sleepy and heavy, and I felt a softness and clarity not only in my thoughts but in my movement work that day. After the treatment it was very interesting to observe shifting landscape of symptoms and sensations that rippled through the week and they seemed to shift to often and too distinctly to be simple coincidence. My back pain and general tightness is definately less despite a heavier workload. I also felt that it had a profound effect on my teaching practise. By taking the idea of stepping out of someones territory, putting them at the centre of the situation and allowing them the space to connect with their intuitive understanding I had a great result with my students who became more centred, engaged and awake. The idea of providing someone with information and then leaving them alone can seem quite radical. In practice I found it liberating and effective and also a relief that with Bowen i might not need to continue with a high maintenence programme of repititive and expensive expert manipulation treatments that my body can't intergrate or maintain".

Dance Lecturer, Laban

"The treatments given were gentle and assured and explanations of the method were informative. I came with pains I was having in the neck area as the result of a whiplash injury. These pains were significantly reduced after only four sessions and I am well on the way to recovery".


"I feel that Bowen has given me space around muscles and joints and has settled my body better, and given it some balance. It has opened up around my lungs and given them more space to expand after some of the tightness around my ribs has been relieved. There has been quite a significant reduction of pain in my knees and I hardly have stabbing pains at present. They are better placed and I have been able to address what I need to do keep my alignment. I feel calmer and my IBS and sleep has also been in a good condition after these sessions, all of it has encouraged me to move again, which is something I have felt quite reluctant to do for a while because of the pain.".

Anna Bergstrom, Trinity Laban student

"The Bowen Technique is an extremely subtle and non-invasive therapy that I would recommend to anyone. It seems to work on the principle of tuning the body to re-programme itself, and thus heal, via a series of gentle moves at various points. This has had very powerful results for me.

I would say that the back pain/stiffness I was experiencing has lessened by 75% and my energy levels are higher than they have been for a long time. During treatment one drifts to a level of deep relaxation, sometimes to the point of sleep. Aside from the very palpable improvement to my back pain, I am also experiencing an ongoing feeling of general well-being".


"Isobel has helped me with my rigger finger problem and shoulder problem many times. I or my doctors didn't think there was anything but surgery for my thumb but Isobel persisted and now my thumb is back to normal without surgery. Bowen is very gentle so it doesn't aggravate the problems like so many other therapies. So thank you to Isobel many times over and I'll see her again soon to avoid any more problems."

T. E. October 16, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

"I had constant pain and stiffness in one shoulder reducing my range of movement and affecting my posture. One Bowen treatment made an amazing difference and after several my shoulder has completely healed, the pain and stiffness has gone and my range of movement is normal. It has made a great difference".


"On Thursday 8th September, I was given the opportunity to shadow Isobel Knight at Laban Health. It immediately became apparent that her clients benefitted from the holistic approach that she took. At the beginning of every consultation, she would discuss all aspects of the client's life and asked them to give themselves an overall energy score. The clients found this particularly useful as they felt as though the therapist was considering everything that was going on in their lives".

"The users had a wide range of health complaints. One client had been treated for back and shoulder pain in March 2010. She returned to the clinic with neck pain and said that she had not encountered any back or shoulder problems since her first Bowen therapy session last year. She was also "amazed" at the Bowen therapist's ability to pinpoint exactly where the pain was in her neck without the client showing it to her. It is evident that she was more than satisfied with the health benefits provided by Bowen therapy. I also learnt that the benefits of Bowen therapy can be enjoyed by everyone, from neonates to adults".

"On the whole it was clear that clients chose Bowen therapy as it is non-invasive, gentle and allows the body to repair itself using its innate mechanisms".

A.Ragavan - 3rd Year Medical Student, Cambridge

"I first had Bowen Therapy to help me through a period of stressful challenges. Not only did it help with my stress, but also eased long-standing postural problems. The therapy is gentle but powerful. As well as helping on a physical level, it seemed to benefit me emotionally and psychologically too. I highly recommend treatment".


"Dear Isobel, I think you are a fabulous Bowen Therapist, who really is dedicated to her patients' wellbeing. You have fabulous energy that makes one feel better just by being with you!"

Diana M-S.

"Isobel is a miracle worker. Since having treatment with her I have not experienced an acute bad back situation. I see her every two to three months for maintenance and this keeps me pain free. When I first saw her I had not been able to stand straight for 5 weeks and in one treatment I was able to straighten up without pain or any painful after affects of treatment. She is a fantastic practitioner and very passionate about Bowen."

C. Bird

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

"Isobel taught a wonderful series of classes to our delegates. she is vey professional yet approachable and friendly. I as sceptical of Bowen therapy before I attended the session but I can't believe how much better I felt afterwards!!"


Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

"Being a Bowen practitioner myself, I have been more than happy to turn to Isobel for treatment. She is knowledgeable, gentle, kind and has always been able to help me with whichever condition I have presented. I highly recommend her as an extremely proficient practitioner."


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

"I couldn't recommend Bowen therapy more highly! I was diagnosed two years ago with severe bilateral hip dysplasia - walking more than ten minutes caused me to limp, and surgery was looking inevitable. After just five sessions with my Bowen therapist, Isobel Knight, I would say that I've had at least a 75-80% reduction in pain. It has been life-transforming - I urge anyone who shares such medical conditions as mine to try Bowen before anything else".


Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS) Patient Experience of Bowen Technique:

Prior to meeting Isobel, I had tried numerous techniques to try and relieve the chronic pain caused by my HMS, including physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage, taping, acupuncture, K laser therapy. Up until a year ago, the best case scenario was a temporary relief, the worst case resulted in aggravation of the pain. I have achieved a measure of success using Shaw Method swimming and Pilates to manage the condition and minimise pain and fatigue, but still suffered from 'flare-ups' which I could not resolve myself, particularly pain in my shoulders and what felt like a subluxing cervical vertebrae. It was at this point, suffering from too much pain and fatigue, and lacking the tools to 'fix' myself, I need someone else to sort it out for me.

How was Bowen different?

I have had the fortune of working with a physiotherapist and an osteopath who used manual techniques to relieve the pain of a flare up, but this was always temporary, and didn't address other more symptoms such as the fatigue and depression.

At my first Bowen session, I had a very strong physical and emotional response to the treatment. In terms of pain, the pain was not removed, but an emotional sense of calmness and wellbeing made it feel easier to cope with. The evening following the treatment, I also felt a tingling/energy type sensation though my body. I have no doubt that a great deal of this was down to the manner of therapist, but in hindsight, and with more experience of Bowen treatments, this is now familiar to me as the feeling of my body realigning and beginning to heal itself.

As I have continued to have Bowen treatments, I feel that my body has become attuned to Bowen, and I have become more familiar with the sensations. Rather than feeling as though someone else is fixing my body for me, I leave a treatment feeling as though my body has been reminded of how to fix itself. After one session which focused on my shoulders, I felt a peculiar 'clunking' sensation in my shoulders on the journey home. It felt as though the joint was settling into a more comfortable position - while not painful, the sensation was disconcerting. The following morning, my shoulder was pain-free and felt 'released'.

I frequently feel as though my body has a disproportionate response to stimuli. If one imagines a seesaw, for most people the 'stimuli' and the 'response' sit equal distances from the pivot. My response is always sat at the very end of the seesaw, meaning that it swings wildly up and down even in response to an inconsequential stimulus. I feel that Bowen takes this tendency and turns it into a strength - my body's out of proportion reaction is directed down the healing path, rather than manifesting as pain or fatigue.

HD, London

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"The Bowen Technique is an extremely subtle and non-invasive therapy that I would recommend to anyone"

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