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Lectures, Workshops & Life Coaching

Life Coaching:

As a fully qualifed teacher, and also Life Coach. I am now offering (Health) Life Coaching specifically aimed at those with chronic/persistant pain conditions, especially Fibromyalgia and Hypermobility, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (HSD) and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome hEDS. Look at how you can live your life to the fullest, whilst co-managing challenging health problems. Individually tailored.

Bowenworks is now on Skype. Find me at isobel.knight3

Workshops about Bowen Technique:

I am more than happy to do a workshop for people about the Bowen Technique. This might be particularly appropriate for groups - e.g. mums with young children, sports groups, or for HR departments about how Bowen might help with their staff well-being at work. Please contact me for further information.

Bowen Therapy Lectures & Workshops

Lectures and Workshops:

Hypermobility Terminology Update!!:

Despite the changes to names and amended diagnostic criterion for hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes, my books are still very relevant to readers in terms of both living with and managing hypermobility, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (HSD) and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS).

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I am now offering bespoke workshops/lectures of varying length - between 1-3 hours on various aspects of the management of Hypermobility, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome hEDS. These workshops/lectures will be tailor-made to your needs and would particularly suit the following:

  • Pilates teachers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Complementary Health Therapists
  • Psychologists/counsellors
  • GPs/Nurses/Junior doctors
  • Dancers/dance teachers
  • Sports lecturers/PE teachers/athletes
  • Student doctors/physios/therapists
Bowen Therapy Lectures & Workshops Bowen Therapy Lectures & Workshops

Topic areas have included:

  • Working with Hypermobile Pilates Clients
  • Working with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome hEDS
  • Dancing with Hypermobility and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders - HSD
  • Bowen for Hypermobility, HSD and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome hEDS
  • Supporting Hypermobile dancers
  • Sports and Hypermobility Syndrome

A one-hour lecture will cost 100 + travel expenses
A half-day workshop will cost in the region of 250 + a 'reasonable' contribution towards travel expenses (depending upon location). A full day would cost 400 (+ travel contribution). Make a day of it - with a group of like-minded colleagues for your own Continuing Professional Development!

Quotes from recent events include:

"Isobel delivered a 3hr lecture on Hypermobility to us, a group of pilates teacher with a few physios and osteopaths in the mix. It was a really lovely relaxed environment. While going over how Hypermobility is categorised and potentially diagnosed, she also talked about the latest research. Isobel is very generous with her own experiences and as a Pilates teacher this was incredible valuable to see from your clients point of view what they are having to deal with."

Rebecca Gould Pilates Foundation Teacher

"Isobel Knight's workshop on Hypermobility and its many forms is a must for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of this complex condition and its many presentations. Her desire to share her experiences really helps clinicians & movement teachers to have an insight as to how it feels to live with EDS HT. Isobel's book on the subject is not only a wonderful reference, but is also a bible on the subject for those living with the condition, I highly recommend it to all my patients with hyper mobility syndromes."

Mary Thornton, Pilates Teacher and Physiotherapist

"Thank you for such a wonderful lecture this morning, Isobel. It was incredibly interesting and packed full of really helpful information, especially from such a personal perspective. A really valuable three hours - just excellent." EDS. Thank you Isobel Knight for sharing your incredible knowledge and making such a positive difference in our lives and the lives of all who benefit from your work."

Magdalen Hardy, Pilates Instructor

"I am looking forward to adding the new Bowen book to my reference material for the benefits and positive application of Bowen Therapy. After reading your book, Managing Ehlers-Danlos (Type III) - Hypermobility Syndrome, I decided to study to become a qualified Bowen Therapist and have been amazed at the results Bowen Therapy has had for my daughter with EDS. Thank you Isobel Knight for sharing your incredible knowledge and making such a positive difference in our lives and the lives of all who benefit from your work."

Karen Haddon, Australia

"Isobel Knight's informative workshop on hypermobility syndrome is a must for all body workers and health professionals. She offers an insight into the physical and psychological effects of this condition. As information and research is still relatively new, Isobel brings some much needed light on a little understood subject. Well presented and with full notes provided this was an excellent workshop."

J. Cooper, Pilates Instructor

"I recently had the pleasure of hearing Isobel speak about Hypermobility and Hypermobility Syndrome on a Continuing Professional Development programme for Pilates teachers at Trinity Laban. Isobel is clearly an expert on the subject and with a vast and deep understanding of the medical, physical and psychological implications of the condition. Instead of being baffled by science Isobel presented her research in an accessible way and was able to answer questions with examples that were relevant to the role of the Pilates teacher. Isobel understands how to deliver the theory so that the information can be turned effectively in to practice. I would recommend any movement specialist to listen to Isobel's findings and advice."

Jade Faithfull, Pilates Instructor

"Isobel does a great job working with patients with chronic pain and hypermobility. They have complex, challenging problems. She is able to offer treatment, guidance and support."

Dr Helen Cohen, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust

Please contact me for further details:

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